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Facial Treatments
by France Laure
Facial treatments are recommended on a bi-weekly or monthly basis to achieve and maintain optimal results. Your skin therapist will develop a comprehensive treatment plan designed to meet your individual needs and expectations.
Classic Treatments


Signature Facial Treatment                                                                                60mins                                           $100

Targets all skin type                                                                           

Dry, oily, aging, uneven or sensitive skin conditions and eye concerns can all be addressed with a customized France Laure facial treatment. After a thorough consultation, your skin therapist will provide the best combination of products, personalized and advanced techniques designed to target your specific concerns that will move your skin toward balance and revive it to its natural beauty.


Back Facial Treatment                                                                                            60 mins                                          $110 

Targets all skin type 

This treatment cleanses the back and clears acne and clogging from the most hard to reach areas of the body. Steam is used to open up pores and allow nourishment to penetrate with healing effects to counter and eradicate many skin ailments and conditions.  Exfoliating rids your back of dead skin cells while the massage manipulation techniques relax your muscles optimum rejuvenation.  Treatment is finished with a moisturizing mask for maximum hydration.

Recommended For: All skin types

Specialized Treatments

Hydro-Algae Treatment                                                                                           75 mins                                         $120 

Targets dry skin

This ultimate Algae moisturizing treatment increases elasticity, tightens pores, smooths uneven texture and detoxifies skin.  (Most effective in series of 6 every 2 weeks: $ 110 per visit)

Recommended For:  All Skin types including sensitive. 

Not recommended For: Clients who are allergic to Iodine

Illuminate Vit C+ Treatment                                                                                80 mins                                          $135

Targets dull & tired skin

This treatment includes a Protocell Second Skin Mask that combines natural Vitamin C and Phyto-extract to effectively regulate the formation of age spots and sun damage without bleaching the surrounding skin areas. It detoxifies and protects against aging elements and free radicals while rendering skin tone unified, silky, densified and de-stressed!  You will notice an instant glow after this treatment.

Recommended For:  All Skin types including sensitive

Calm-Caviar Treatment                                                                                             80 mins                                          $150

 Targets sensitive and problematic skin

This anti-reactive skin alleviating treatment uses a Thermessence Alginate Peel-Off Mask to provide soothing and visible results to dilated capillaries, congested pores, blotchiness and skin irritation.  It stimulates micro-circulation and lessens hypersensitivity.  This luxurious caviar enriched Mask has instant calming and soothing effect.     

Recommended For:  Sensitive, reactive and Rosacea-prone skin 

Not recommended For: Rosacea skin in “Inflamed state”

Anti-Aging Caviar Treatment                                                                                 80 mins                                           $160   

Targets mature and pre-mature skin

This treatment is the most advanced defense against aging.  This luxury treatment lavishly revitalizes your skin with Caviar, Marine DNA and a unique blend of Phyto-extracts (Goji, Acai, Pomegranate and Noni), Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamins.  It firms, tones, brightens and moisturizes your skin.

Recommended For:  Mature and Pre-mature skin


Bio-Laure Freeze Treatment                                                                                    90 mins                                          $175

Targets dullness and fine lines in skin

This treatment uses the combination of Trace Elements (sodium, magnesium and calcium salts) and wheatgerm Freeze-Dried powder and is designed to combat signs of tired skin and dull complexion.  The potency of this treatment lessens the appearance of wrinkles while regenerating and improving microcirculation.  Its deep oxygenation effect nourishes and heals the skin while brightening complexion.

Recommended For:  Mature and Pre-mature skin


Face Lift Collagen Biomatrices Treatment                                                    90 mins                                              $175   

Targets dullness and fine lines in skin

This is an all over mask treatment (including eyes and lip contours) made of pure native freeze-dried collagen and Myoxinol TM.  The Myoxinole TM- like botulinum toxin slows biological aging, lessens the appearance of fine lines and slows the appearance and formation of new wrinkles for more than 24 hours by reducing the muscular contractions which cause expression lines.  This face lift collagen treatment renders the skin smooth, tones and supple.  This is a must before an evening out or a special event. 

Recommended For: All skin types

Microdermabrasion Treatment                                                                             90 mins                                       $140

Targets dull, uneven, damaged and clogged skin

This non-invasive and popular treatment improves the skin’s ability to absorb nutrients, vitamins and oxygen.  Using a diamond tip device this treatment is effective for acne and eliminates sun and age spots.  It also fades scares and fine lines while improving hyper-pigmentation condition on the skin.   

Recommended For: All skin types and is more effective in series of 6 treatments 4 to 8 weeks apart.

Teen Acne Management Treatment                                                                  60 mins                                            $85

(18 and under)

Teenagers experience clogged pores, acne, and breakouts during their teen years.  The remedy is to consult with a skin specialist and follow a customized treatment plan to yield better and  healthy results.   

Our skin specialist offers advice, recommendations, and treatments to get the best results that suits every skin type and condition.

Exfoliation / Peel Treatments

Pro-Peel Treatment                                                                                                       45 mins                                         $100

Renewal Chemical Peel

This Glycolic acid, Vitamin A and Allantoin peel improves and sooths skin texture by removing the damaged layers free radicals and dead skin cells.  This powerful peel mask renews and restores skin to a youthful glow. It minimizes appearance of pores and treats acne-prone skin.

Recommended For:  Targets mature and pre-mature skin

Not recommended For: Couperosé/Rosacea or hypersensitive skin.

Pro-Peel Treatment                                                         Add-on to any Facial Treatment                                          $45

Renewal Chemical Peel

Coming soon.....



Botox Injectables . Hydrotherapy Treatments . Photofacials . Laser Hair removal


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