The Concept


Sanctuary Salon now offers Salon Grade Hair Color kits for home use.  


In partnership with Brands & Ethos Color Studios, Sanctuary Salon brings to market a remarkable new concept that enables women and men to have access to salon grade formulated hair color to apply at home.


If you are a do-it-yourself type of client and have been purchasing Hair Dye form your local grocery or drug store we have a solution for you.   You can now obtain your professionally custom blended hair color carefuly formulated by our certified skilled colorists for under $20 


Hair color was never meant to be a "One-Size-Fits All" application and thus should never be mass produced.  Store-bought color never yields the same professional result that a custom made kit would.

The Process

Purchasing your Salon Grade Hair Color Kit from Sanctuary Salon it is as easy as 1, 2, 3...


We will invite you to visit our Salon for your initial consultation, then our master colorists will analyze your hair by taking into account its porosity, texture, gray resistance, cuticle layers, length, coarseness, root color, end color, and thickness and will create a personalized formula specific for you.  


By custom blending different pigments of dye and carefully measuring the right amount of activating developer your formula will be uniquely prepared  to acheive your intended desired results.


1       Call us...


Call Sanctuary Salon at 508-528-6890  to schedule your free consultation and initial color application treatment...

2      Visit us...


During your visit to the salon you will meet with your colorist to create your new formula  and receive your first in-salon application.  This step is required  and ncessary in order to ensure that the result is perfectly in line with the desired outcome ...

3     Re-order...


Sign up for your auto-refills based on an interval of your choice or re-order your next kit as needed. You can opt to pick up your future kits at the salon or have them delivered to your door step...

The Team

Our colorists who prepare your Salon Grade Hair Color Kit are the same hair artists who create master pieces on our in-salon clients


The Kit

The Salon Grade Hair Color Kit is comprized of the following:

  • Formulated Color

  • Developer

  • Stain Guard and color Remover

  • A pair of protective gloves

  • Intructions 


The Result

Because your color kit is formulated by a professional colorist who touched, felt and analyzed your hair.   Because you have picked your exact shade and tone, because your had it applied to your hair and you saw the end result, your hair will always look professionaly done. 


Over-the-Counter Vs. At Home Salon Products

Over-the-counter hair color take a one-size-fits-all approach and that is why it only cost between $8 - $20. Over-the-counter products are made and sold in volume to take advantage of economies of scale. But the facts are one size does not fit all. Every woman and every men's hair is different and so results from over-the-counter products are never optimal nor consistent.


Conversely, salons go through an elaborate process to understand the texture and all the elements involved in the variation of the client's hair before they mix and apply color. Therefore, individual customization is paramount to get best results. This is the reason why salons charge upwords of $120 for hair color application and why women have to manage the scheduling hassles to get their hair colored right.


Brands & Ethos Solution
As the saying goes, "Necessity is mother of all invention".  Sanctuary Salon now offers custom-mixed, professional European hair color for salon results, to be applied at home, for an affordable price as low as $19.95

A Senior Colorist gathers individual technical information on each client through the initial consultation. Then mixes a personalized formula that best meets the client's specific hair coloring needs.


In addition to the quality and low cost of the Salon Grade Hair Color Kit, Do-It-Yourself clients especially like the convenience of getting this product mailed to their homes. No time consuming appointments, no scheduling hassles.

Following your consultation, reordering is as simple as an email or phone call. In fact, many clients take advantage of Auto-Refill to receive their formula on a scheduled basis so they can maintain the quality and color of their hair without having to remember to reorder.


The process is easy, affordable and convenient. So what are you waiting for? Let's GET STARTED.